Bird Street Players

The Band

Jeff Curtis
(Percussion, Guitar, & Lead vocals)

Kenny Green
(bass guitar and vocals)

Bryan Woeller
(Lead Guitar)

Ian Hodge

Jeremy Carter

Joe Cosas


TBT - From Bird Street to Bourbon Street - TBT

We started on Bird Street, in Tampa, Sulphur Springs to be exact, rehearsing at Kenny Green's old house. It all began there, and plenty of time was spent behind the doors right on Bird Street.

After many members in and out, as we evolved into what we are, we've had the opportunity to play with some great musicians. Today, however, the core of our band, myself(Jeff Curtis), Kenny Green, Ian Hodge and Bryan Woeller have been a unit for over 4 years. Joe Cosas (aka the extremely talented Mr. Cosas) has been playing with us in live situations ever since that lovely evening he came and laid his tracks on our only released album, Flood, 2008. (He did his work on 5 tracks in 3 hours, 80% first takes). As a band, we only spent 3 days in the studio. Three very, very long and exciting days.

My dear friend Gaetan Shurrer, who helped us produce the album, also completely engineered 'Flood'. He is the one that put in the real hours with me, and we thank him for that 100 times. Gaetan is currently living in London, and his credits list for days, including currently traveling the world with 'The War of the Worlds' live performance and producing house music and other music for international commercials and artists alike.

Bird Street Players have evolved, in my opinion, into a band which has no real label, other than good music. The guys that play behind me are outstanding, and I find myself, sometimes, behind my percussion, holding my mic, in complete awe, as I watch the musicians around me completely shred. Then of course, it always gets me moving and feverishly beating on my Djembe, or whichever drum feels right.

Our music ranges from Reggae, Funk, Rap, Soul, Blues, Rock, Jam, hell I don't know. At a Bird Street show one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that you will DANCE.


The Meters (and all of New Orleans), Pink Floyd, George Clinton and P Funk, Modest Mouse, The Doors, Toots and the Maytals, Beatles, Beastie Boys, Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti, Gorillaz, James Brown, Ray Charles, Jamie Lidell, Jimmy, Johnny, Jerry, and on and on...